systserv in medical informatics


Our research activity is centered along two main dimensions:

  • Telemedicine and Telesurgery.
  • Remote Post-Surgery and Follow Up Care and Hospital Information Systems

The Telemedicine unit has a comprehensive collaboration with a range of external partners, locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, as a university hospital research unit has close collaboration with several clinical departments. On that ground, our main RnD pillars are:


Innovative e-Health services that provide collaborative healthcare services .

Telemehealth and AAL Systems

We design and next generation Telemehealth and AAL systems .

Telemedical Devices Evaluation

We evaluate Telemedical Devices and compare them against gold standards

Post-Surgery and Remote Follow Up Care

After routine surgery, a "virtual" follow-up visit might be just as good as a traditional office appointment. Our aim is to enhance the quality of Follow Up Care and strengthen its capabilities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

ICT based Prevention

Mobile Devices and real time screening

ICT based Interaction

Video-based Interaction in real time

ICT based Virtual visits

Solutions for post surgery monitoring at home

Our SubFields

Through our systems we aim to promote new policies and behavioral standards to improve overall health of citizens.

Smart IoT

We built sustainable IoT systems

  • Innovative HealthCare Wearables
  • Smart Home

Augmented Reality

We blur the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what you see

Smarts Sensors

We design smart sensors able to detect events or changes in the surrounding environment providing more accurate output.

Embedded Systems

We develop and/or integrate hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable.

e-Medical Devices

We improve and increase access to healthcare

  • Maximize insight generated
  • Coordinate resources effectively
  • Build patient-physicians trusted relationships
  • Increase speed and responsiveness


We optimize storage and convenient access to medical images from multiple modalities

Integrated Web PACS

We develop and support cloud-based solutions with unlimited storage and easy access to digital medical images

Robotic Surgery

We design Intelligent Surgical Robotics in minimally invasive and open surgery